Business Lawyers in Romania

We are a Romanian law firm located in Bucharest.

Our Romanian business lawyers help businesses and entrepreneurs with high quality legal services. 

We have over 20 years experience in business law, litigation, insolvency and restructuring, unfair competition and IP law, e-commerce and consumer law cybersecurity and privacy law, and medical malpractice.

Our law firm gives practical, cost-effective and results-oriented legal advices on all aspects of business.

Practice Areas

Our lawyers practise information technology and data privacy law, e-commerce and consumer rights, business law, litigations, insolvency and restructuring. They advise clients on issues relating to the following topics:

Commercial Law

Our lawyers advise clients on all aspects of commercial law. Thanks to over 20 years of experience and expertise in business law, we provide a high level of legal services. We provide legal services that help you start a business, run a business and sell a business. Our advises involved also share acquisitions and company restructurings, due dilligens.


Our Romanian litigation lawyers frequently represent individuals and businesses in a wide variety of business litigation in Romanian courts in all law fields including, but not limited to civil, corporate, administrative, fiscal, employment, tort, insolvency law. We understand our clients’ needs, goals, issues and provide a legal strategy aimed at achieving their objectives.

General-Counsel & Business Law

We offer legal support as general counsel to businesses and entrepreneurs. Most of our business clients treat us as a trusted member of their management team and seek our advice on the broad range of matters that arise on a daily basis. Our knowledge and experience permit us not just tell our clients whether something is “legal” but we are able to advise them how to make legally what they need to achieve.

Insolvency & Restructuring

Our lawyers have over 15 years’ experience and expertise to provide high quality legal counsel during a period that can be uncertain. We handled hundreds of insolvency matters, including restructuring and bankruptcy - liquidation. We counselled and represented creditors, debtors and their directors, shareholders, insolvency administrators as well as distressed debt and asset buyers and investors.

Unfair Competition & IP

Unfair competition cases are frequently associated with patent, trademark, design or copyright litigation. It is very important for the business to protect the results of its investments, its intellectual work, trade secrets and its know-how by reacting in the event of unfair use of any of these by a competitor. We regularly advise clients on unfair competition and intellectual property.

E-commerce & Consumer Rights

The entrepreneurs understood that today it is no longer an option to sell online. An online presence is highly recommended even you sell flowers or software. Our lawyers provide complete e-commerce services with respect of consumer rights including selling policies, terms and general conditions, advertising, personal data protection policies, distribution and selling agreements, IP matters.

Medical Malpractice

Our lawyers have nearly fifteen years of experience litigating complex medical malpractice matters against most country-renowned doctors. We meticulously prepare any case for trial. For these reasons we never lost a medical malpractice case. Find out how can we help!

Cybersecurity and Privacy Law

We help online and offline businesses on privacy and data law matters, including regulatory compliance and data breach reaction. Our legal assistance can be either proactive in implementing policies and procedures, technical and organisational measures according with the requirements of the GDPR and NIS Directive.

Attorneys Team

Cristi Sava


Cristi is a Romanian business lawyer, member of Bucharest Bar

He is also practitioner in insolvency.

He has over 20 years experiences in business law fields and litigation.

He is recommended for his deep understanding of law, business and technology.

Regularly, he is invited to speak to conferences and corporations on his areas of expertise.  

He also founded an organisation which address risk of medical malpractice.  Cristi is certified in Risk Management ISO 31000 and apply the Standard in his activity.


Catrinel Sava


Catrinel is a Romanian business lawyer, member of Bucharest Bar. 

She is also practitioner in insolvency.

He has over 15 years experiences in insolvency law and litigation.

She is IDLO Alumni.


Why Choose Sava Law Firm

Sava Law Firm has been serving clients across Romania and sometimes even European Union for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise permit us to provide high quality legal services for our clients. We can also provide legal support for our clients in all areas of their business. We offer them a range of legal services that are built around what they need. We provide tailored legal support. We are doing more than just telling you what the law is. We want to help you find the most efficient and effective way to accomplish your objectives within the applicable legal framework.